Escrow is the best method of payment if you want to inspect the car before money is release to the seller. Many car buyers have run into difficulties with car sellers not honoring a full or portions of their car purchase sales contract, particularly after the money has been paid! Payments across international borders can cause many problems, and sorting out the mess can be a major and costly headache for out of US car buyers across the globe.

What is an escrow service?
Escrow is a defined process whereby a buyer puts money into the custody of a trusted third party with a guarantee that funds are available for payment to the seller after a specified set of conditions has been met (car inspection,delivery or test drive).

How does an escrow service work?
It’s very simple. Buyer and seller agree on a car purchase contract. The Buyer deposits funds into a third party escrow’s account. When the Seller send car and the Buyer received it and test drive it,  the escrow service pays the Seller. It’s that easy. Please contact us to get information on how you can import a vehicle to resale without investing your own money.

Shipping and delivery of vehicles

Please make sure that your Letter of credit has to be irrevocable, negotiable with our bank, issued or reconfirmed by a first class international bank.You must check with us before you open any L/C in any circumstances. 

Hand Picked Quality Stock from dealer auctions


All Cars are Hand Picked, Selected and Mechanically Inspected. We handle Great used car stock and we have access to most type of cars on the north america market.

Exportlyne, ensures smooth deliveries of the vehicle to our clients. With strong ties with a California based shipping lines and agents we ensure smooth , quick and hassle free deliveries to almost all major ports across the world. We have access to both RORO and Containerized services for shipping, please feel free to ask us for more information on desired shipping method.


Bank Letter of Credit


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